Senior Manager Java VM Development

Location: United States (Santa Clara, CA), Sweden (Stockholm), but flexible
September 9, 2022

The JVM Compiler team is responsible for development and maintenance of the HotSpot JIT compilers. The team works closely with SQE, Performance Engineering and other HotSpot teams to ensure high performance on all supported platforms and stays up-to-date on current and future hardware. Feature development projects to take advantage of new hardware features and to increase stability and performance are always part of the team’s focus.

You will help build the future of the Java platform by driving the compiler team in providing new functionality, prototyping, stability and performance work for ongoing and future key JDK projects including Projects Valhalla, Loom, Panama and ZGC. You will collaborate with internal and external partners to guide the direction of the Hotspot compiler, JVM, and Java platform.


Skills & Experience

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