Containerized Java Advanced Management Console

One of the key features of the latest AMC release (see AMC 2.20 release notes) is Containerized AMC, an easily deployable containerized version of AMC. Containerized AMC makes use of the WebLogic Kubernetes Operator, it can be easily deployed in cloud and non-cloud environments. It leverages scaling functionalities of the operator within a Kubernetes framework. Containerized AMC will address the complexity involved in installing and maintaining AMC without requiring a sophisticated IT department or knowledge.

Setting up AMC for the first time is time-consuming as this requires knowledge of WebLogic Server and DB. Moreover, for high availability or enabling access to a large number of users, it is possible to leverage WLS Clusters and database clusters. But this involves further configuration and the introduction of additional components such as load balancers which ultimately complicate the installation, the configuration, and the maintenance. Containerized AMC has been designed to greatly simplify such complex AMC deployments. For details, please check the Containerized AMC Deployment Guide.

The Advanced Management Console (AMC) is available as part of Java SE Subscription, Java SE Advanced, and SE Advanced Suite and requires a commercial license for use in production. AMC is available to customers from My Oracle Support and Java Advanced Management Console Downloads page. For an overview of the Advanced Management Console, see the Advanced Management Console product page.