Quality Outreach Heads-up - Java Cryptographic Extension Survey

The OpenJDK Quality Group promotes the testing of FOSS projects with OpenJDK builds as a way to improve the overall quality of the release. This heads-up is part of a regular communication sent to the projects involved. To learn more about the program, and how-to join, please check here.

Java Cryptographic Extension (JCE) Survey

The Java Cryptographic Extension (JCE) has been in Java SE for a long time and has made incremental changes over the years. The OpenJDK Security Team is conducting a survey to know more about how projects are using JCE and what changes, features, and API enhancements would be useful going forward.

Call to Action

The survey is closing on April 29 so if you have written or are maintaining code that uses the JCE API, please make sure to fill this short survey as soon as possible.