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August 2022

Welcome to the Inside Java Newsletter from the Java Developer Relations team at Oracle. Look for updates directly from the Java Platform Group — the team that builds Java.

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We’re all looking forward to meeting you at JavaOne, the premier Java conference in Las Vegas in October. The event will be packed full of content and unique JavaOne experiences. So don’t wait, register here to get the early pricing until August 14th!
Community at JavaOne
I'll lead a session on using the Vector API for data parallel programming and will join the Meet the Experts Panel to chat about Project Panama and the future of machine learning and Java in general.”
Chad Arimura's JavaOne Updates

Technical Articles, Videos, Podcasts

Project Profile: What's OpenJDK? How does it work? What does it do? Here are the answers to these questions along with an exploration of JDK Enhancement Proposals, the Java Community Process, why there are so many JDK providers, and how long-term support works.
Nicolai Parlog, Java Developer Relations
Nicolai Parlog, Java Developer Relations
Data-oriented programming focuses on modeling data as data (instead of as objects). Records for data and sealed types for alternatives let us model immutable data where illegal states are unrepresentable. Combined with pattern matching we get a safe, powerful, and maintainable approach to ad-hoc polymorphism that lets us define operations on the data without overloading it with functionality.
José Paumard, Java Developer Relations
Live demo of the Java virtual threads from the JDK 19, previewing the Loom project.
Billy Korando, Java Developer Relations
Do you want to try something out in Java? Or experiment with a new feature or API? But don’t want to have to go through the ceremony of creating an application? Then you should consider JShell, Java’s REPL! Let’s look at it in this article.
Markus Grönlund, Consulting Member of Technical Staff
A safepoint is a global JVM state where the Java world is stopped. It is therefore safe, as in exclusive access, to inspect and process by the JVM. This concept is central to many runtimes providing some form of Automatic Memory Management. Learn how safepoints are implemented in the HotSpot Java Virtual Machine (JVM) and get introduced to to some related JVM concepts and structures.

Hundreds of Java User Groups

There are more than 350 Java User Groups now and we are trying to collect as many as we can on the website and the @java Twitter User Group list. If you have a JUG and your group is not listed with us, please send us links to your website and social media so we can add you. 
Hundreds of Java User Groups

Webinars & App Development

Webinars & App Development
Aurelio Garcia-Ribeyro, Senior Director of Product Management

Ewan Slater, Director of Technical Marketing, Java and GraalVM

Aberdeen Knowledge Brief

Java in Education: CSTA 2022

The Java Platform Group recently sponsored and participated at the Computer Science Teachers Association's Annual Conference in Chicago. Conference attendees primarily included United States K-12 educators and an ecosystem of non-profit and industry providers. There were a lot of passionate educators at the event, and the Java Developer Relations Team is looking forward to using the experience to support Java in education programs in the future. Follow Heather Stephens on the Java Developer Relations Team for more information on Java in education in the future. 
Java in Education: CSTA 2022

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