Quality Outreach Heads-up - JDK 20 - Support for 1.7 source and target removed from javac

The OpenJDK Quality Group promotes the testing of FOSS projects with OpenJDK Early-Access builds as a way to improve the overall quality of the release. This heads-up is part of a regular communication sent to the projects involved. To learn more about the program, and how-to join, please check here.

JDK 20 - Drop support for -source/-target/–release 7 from javac

JEP 182 (Policy for Retiring javac -source and -target Options) describes a policy to remove at a regular pace, from the javac compiler, support for obsolete versions. This is required to reduce compiler maintenance costs. JEP 182 still needs to be updated to reflect the 6-month release cadence but in that spirit and given that JDK 7 was released in July 2011, i.e. over a decade ago, support for -source/-target/--release 7 is dropped in JDK 20. All other supported values remain as such in JDK 20, 8 through 20 inclusive.

More information

For more information, you might want to check JDK-8173605 and JEP 182: Policy for Retiring javac -source and -target Options.