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November 2022

Welcome to the Inside Java Newsletter from the Java Developer Relations team at Oracle. Look for updates directly from the Java Platform Group — the team that builds Java.

JavaOne Las Vegas — That's a Wrap!

In October the Java community came together in Las Vegas for an amazing and memorable JavaOne. Below we point to a few highlights from the event — keynotes, technical content, announcements, opportunities for Java in education, community profiles, and videos and photos. For pointers to all the news coming out after JavaOne, visit

GraalVM in OpenJDK, JavaOne Announcements

Oracle will contribute GraalVM's just-in-time compiler and native image technology to OpenJDK. It will also create EA and GA builds for JavaFX 20+ and is hard at work at creating generational ZGC to vastly improve ZGC's already impressive performance. And then there's the Java SE Subscription Enterprise Performance Pack, a drop-in replacement for JDK 8 with JDK 17 performance. Video here.

Java First. Java Always.

Modern application development is unrecognizable without Java. For more than 25 years, Java has empowered developers to create the next generation of rich, scalable, and secure applications. In this JavaOne keynote, learn how Oracle’s ongoing Java leadership and stewardship is creating a contemporary language and platform that helps developer productivity. Video here.

JavaOne 2022 Technical Keynote

Application development continues to evolve at an accelerated pace. Development approaches that used to take decades are now rapidly compressing into years or months. And Java continues to thoughtfully evolve to ensure the future is available today. In this technical keynote, learn about the innovative Java projects Oracle is leading to modernize development. Video here.

JavaOne 2022 Community Keynote

Not only does Oracle take our Java leadership seriously, we also embrace our stewardship of the Java community. As the Java language and platform evolves to rapidly address modern application development, Oracle continues to invest in the Java community to ensure it remains one of the strongest developer ecosystems on the planet. In this keynote, learn about the many Java community programs from Oracle that give developers a voice in shaping the future of Java. Video here.

A Community Leadership Award

Congratulations to Java Champion Bruno Souza! Bruno was recognized with special honors during the opening keynote at JavaOne for his 25 Years of community leadership. Bruno has been building the Java community in Brazil and around the world, and he's touched many developers in the process.

Watch the emotional ceremony at the keynote and also view an interview with Bruno after the event. Also, view and share a repository of photos of the community from JavaOne.

Technical Articles, Videos, Podcasts

José Paumard, Java Developer Relations

Alan Bateman and Ron Pressler, Java Architects

José Paumard, Java Developer Relations

Aurelio García-Ribeyro, Senior Director, Product Management

Kevin Rushforth, Consulting Members of Technical Staff

Maurizio Cimadamore, Compiler Architect

Mark Reinhold, Chief Java Architect

Brian Goetz, Java Language Architect

Java Webcasts & Research

Java Webcast: Managing your Java estate just got easier with JMS

Nov 30 | 8:00 am PT: Join Bernard Traversat, VP of Software Development, and Aurelio García-Ribeyro, Senior Director, Product Management, as they introduce the future of JMS and explain how it can help you manage and operate your Java estate better, more easily, and with less stress. Register Now
VDC Research: Long-term Success and Security with Java

Java remains the #1 language for top tech trends. Read the VDC Research Paper 2022 "Java: Modernizing Development for Secure, Cloud-based Applications" to get key insights on the current state of Java. Read Now.

Blog: Oracle brings JDK 17 Performance to JDK 8 server workloads

Oracle announces the availability of the Java SE Subscription Enterprise Performance Pack, a drop-in replacement for JDK 8. Available now, at no additional cost, to all Java SE Subscription customers and Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) users. Read Now.

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