Quality Outreach Heads-up - New Generational ZGC Early Access Builds

Generational ZGC - Early Access Builds 3 are now available”

New Early Access builds of Generational ZGC are now available at jdk.java.net/genzgc.

Changes include :

  • Rebased on top of jdk-20+21

  • Added macOS builds

  • Heuristics rewriten to deal with a problematic case where Generational ZGC spent too much focus on doing young generation collection when it’s more beneficial to spend resources to collect the old generation.

  • GC logging rewriten to easier see what log lines belong to what collection / generation, plus many additional changes that should make it easier to read and understand GC logs

  • Barrier elision enhanced to remove barriers from array access of newly allocated arrays

  • Enhanced the generated hs_err crash text file

  • Fixed and unified code quality and style

Proper feedback on these EA builds should be sent to the zgc-dev mailing list.