Principal Software Developer (Java Security Libraries)

Location: Ireland, United States
April 12, 2024

The Java Security Engineering team is responsible for the Java platform security libraries and security tools development. The technologies we provide include a rich set of APIs, tools, and implementations of security algorithms and protocols. The Java security APIs span a wide range of areas, including cryptography, public key infrastructure, secure communication, and authentication. We provide the developers with a comprehensive security framework for writing secure applications, and tools for the users or administrators to securely manage applications.

We are looking for a crypto expert to join our team to enhance our existing algorithm implementation and add new functionality for the upcoming releases. Knowledge of TLS is highly desirable, including in-depth knowledge of state of the art cipher suites, and hands-on knowledge on various versions of TLS. Other desirable knowledge includes authentication, PKI, and low-level crypto algorithm implementation.

Acceptable candidate must have proven hands-on experience in modern software security technologies using Java, knowledge of Java security library internals would be a plus. Please do not apply if you only have introductory or peripheral knowledge in Java security or cannot develop using the latest version of Java independently.

Experience & Other Skills

Visit this page to apply. If you are in a different country than the one listed, or are unsure or have questions, please send us an email first.


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