Sip of Java

Sip of Java helps developers kick off their week by providing a quick shot of information on new features, interesting trends, and hidden gems within the JDK, in 60 seconds or less.
24. Record Serialization
23. Serialization Filters
17. Streams Post Java 8 Updates
16. Scanner Tokenize
15. Using Records as Projections in JPA
14. Scanner API - Searching Input
13. JavaDoc Updates and Improvements
12. Streams and File Reading Improvements
11. JDK Flight Recorder
10. Unix-Domain Socket Channels
9. Join APIs for String
8. Upgrading Java Runtime
7. New Convenience Methods for String
6. Convenience Factory Methods for Collections
5. Local Records
4. Text Block
3. Launch Single-File Source-Code Programs
2. Pattern Matching for instanceof
1. Switch Expressions