OpenJDK Quality Outreach Heads-up

The OpenJDK Quality Group promotes the testing of FOSS projects with OpenJDK Early-Access builds as a way to improve the overall quality of the release. This heads-are part of a regular communication sent to the projects involved.

Unicode in JDK 23: Removal of COMPAT Locale Provider

Quality Outreach Heads-Up - JDK23: Re-Specified Subject.getSubject API

New Leyden Early-Access Builds

New Loom Early-Access Builds

JDK 23: Changes Default Annotation Processing Policy

JDK 20-23: Support for Unicode CLDR Version 42

Virtual Threads “Pinning” Issue

Java Array Element Alignment: Weakening of Some Methods Guarantees ?

Deprecate the Memory-Access Methods in sun.misc.Unsafe for Removal in a Future Release

JDK 22: Annotation Processing Behavior Change

JLine is now the Default Console Provider

Annotation Processing Change

On The Importance of Testing With Early-Access Build

JDK 21: Sequenced Collections Incompatibilities

JDK 21 - New Network Interface Names on Windows

JDK 20-23: Support for Unicode CLDR Version 42

JDK 20: JMX Connections Use an ObjectInputFilter by Default

JDK 20: Deprecate URL Public Constructors

JDK 21: JMX Subject Delegation & Fine-grained Security Deprecation

Valhalla: LW4 Early-Access Builds

New Generational ZGC Early Access Builds

JDK 20: parsing fix & behavior change

JDK 20: Disable the Legacy Parallel Class Loading Workaround …

JDK 20: Thread.stop(), Thread.suspend() and Thread.resume() degradation

JDK 20 - Support for 1.7 source and target removed from javac

JDK 19 - Double.toString() and Float.toString() changes

JavaFX Media Enhancements Survey ➜ DNS transition

JEP 425 Virtual Threads (preview) Testing

New default macOS Rendering Pipeline

Java Cryptographic Extension Survey

JDK 19: Constant class entries ending in '/'

JDK 18: JEP 421

JDK 18: JEP 400

JDK 18: JEP 411

JDK 18: JEP 416